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Photo Permit

To take photos at The Farm at Agritopia you must purchase a permit. The permit acts as a donation to support The Foundation.


Free Tour of the Farm on the 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 10:00 am Rain or Shine. For groups larger than 10 or private tours please let us know.

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3000 E Ray Rd
Building #5
Gilbert, Az 85296

Mini Sessions in the Orchard

We typically do not allow photographers to go into the orchards for their sessions, even with a permit. We are a functioning farm and there are many reasons we cannot open the orchards up full time to everyone.

But now is your chance!

We are offering you 3 hour Orchard Permits for you to book mini sessions.

We have 2 different time slots on November 4th, both will have gorgeous lighting!

7:00am - 10:00am
4:00pm - 7:00pm

$75 per time slot.

Photography Policy

We have intentionally created a picturesque environment at The Farm at Agritopia® owned and supported by The Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.  This environment is something that the business owners and operators take pride in on a daily basis.  The Farm staff and additional outside contractors spend numerous hours organically maintaining this property every week.

It is natural for people to want to take photos in the area. Personal photos may be taken in public areas, although in exchange we request that you support the local businesses by purchasing items from them.  Professional photographers (defined as persons being paid in cash or barter for the photos or bring professional props on site) are expected to act as professionals and pay a site fee.  This includes photographers for whom photography is not their primary source of income.

  1. Amateur and personal photographers may take photos without obligation in areas that are not “off limits”.  Amateur and personal photographers are those who (a) are not exchanging money or services for the photographs and (b) are not using professional props such as furniture and reflective disks. Enjoy taking photos! 
  2. Professional photographers must pay for the right to shoot photographs in the non-residential areas of Agritopia® that are not “off limits”.

  3. “Off limits” areas include but are not limited to fenced areas, areas marked with “No Trespassing” signs, farm equipment, the fields (other than the community garden), the orchards, on irrigation structures, in trees, and other perilous settings.  No one may take photographs in these areas.

  4. Professional photographers pay $50 per shoot or $250 for the year for individual and small group photo shoots.  This site fee is paid via the Farm at Agritopia website at and all proceeds go to The Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture. Your payment is considered a tax donation to a federally recognized 501(c)3. In addition, they are required to complete and sign a Professional Photography Liability Wavier also featured on the aforementioned website location. Once the waiver and the payment is received by the Farm at Agritopia, you will receive an email confirming your permission to shoot photos and should be carried with you on the day of the photo shoot. Photography permit payment is nonrefundable.

  5. Professional photographers and videographers for catalogues, magazines, commercials, shows and other wide distribution pay a site fee.  The fee varies based on the needs for the shoot. This fee goes to The Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture.  The office handles setting the fees and specific details for the shoot.  In addition, they and all crew, actors, and others involved with the shoot are required to complete and sign a Professional Photography Liability Wavier. There shall be no unauthorized use of the Agritopia® name or trademark and no expressed or implied endorsement of any product or service.

  6. Please note that site fees do not include photo shoots within Joe’s Farm Grill, Barnone or The Coffee Shop.  Please contact them directly for permission to take interior shots.  There are no facilities for changing without directly contacting and receiving permission from one of the restaurants.

    This fee includes photography in the outdoor yard area at Joe’s Real BBQ. Please make sure to be courteous of other guests while photographing and if you would like to take pictures inside, please speak to a manager on duty. For videos produced at Joe’s Real BBQ, or commercial use photography, please contact the restaurant directly.

  7. All photographers are expected to be aware of other customers around them, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and behave with common courtesy.  They are also expected to clean up after themselves.

  8. In regards to props, only very small handheld props are allowed. A small portable wagon is allowed on site. You are not allowed to set up a props as a station. Only small moveable items are allowed as photography props. No confetti or birdseed is allowed. At this point we are prohibiting the use of large stationary objects as props. Please call us for more information on these items.
  9. We reserve the right to use photographs taken on our property for commercial purposes of our own.

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Take a self-guided tour using our Interactive Map

Free tours of The Farm take place every third Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. rain or shine. Meet at the 24-hour Farm stand located south of The Coffee Shop.

3000 E Ray Rd Building #5
Gilbert, Az 85296

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